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  • Scapula Fracture

    A scapula fracture is an uncommon injury. The scapula, or shoulder blade, is a wide, flat bone that sits behind the rib cage. The scapula connects to the clavicle (collar bone) in the front of the body, and to the humerus (arm bone) at the side. Part of the scapula is lined with cartilage (the glenoid) and forms the socket of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint.

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  • Common to Serious Arm Pain Causes

    Arm pain can be in the upper or lower arm. You may feel arm pain on the outside of your shoulder. Arm pain can also travel further down the arm toward the elbow.

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  • Risk factors associated with throwing injuries in young baseball players

    Few studies have retrospectively analyzed the relationship between joint range of motion (ROM) and muscle flexibility and shoulder and elbow throwing injuries in a large number of elementary school baseball players.

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  • Frozen Shoulder and Thyroid Disease

    Though it's unclear why, adhesive capsulitis (commonly known as frozen shoulder) is more common in people with endocrine problems, including thyroid disease. Frozen shoulder often starts with difficulty moving your shoulder or dull, aching pain in your shoulder area.

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  • 13 Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

    Shoulder stability exercises are used in physical therapy to treat shoulder pain. Also known as scapular stabilization exercises, they help to manage shoulder pain, restore functional mobility, and help you regain normal use of your arm and shoulder.

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